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We can size our timber to your exact measurements. Sawarne guarantees competitive pricing and the best service available for custom and hard to find sizes of cedar lumber. Our cost effective approach to resawing ensures the size, quantity and quality of lumber produced will meet even the most demanding specifications of your intended end use.


Sawarne can produce dozens of patterns; from Tongue and V-Groove, to Shiplap, to Edge and Center Bead. Have a unique pattern in mind? Sawarne can bring your vision into reality.

Container Loading

Concerned about the increasing cost of shipping? Our container loading services allow you to ship more for less. Contact Sawarne today to find out how we can maximize your container space, while streamlining your shipping costs.

Kiln Drying

Sawarne’s kiln drying process ensures the perfect balance between quality treatment and maximum yields. We understand the pressures of your industry and meticulously monitor each step of the kiln drying process. The result is the highest drying standards achievable anywhere in the industry.