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Sawarne produces quality Architect Knotty grade posts for high end applications. Sawarne’s manufacturing standards ensure sound and tight knots, prohibits wane and holes, and limits heart centers. Sawarne limits natural growth characteristics so as not to detract from the appearance of the finished product. 


Sawarne's Appearance grade is a non-structural grade manufactured to meet our high standard of appearance requirements for all quality projects. At Sawarne, we pride ourselves on lumber that has little to no rot, wane, holes or bug-holes. Sawarne's Appearance grade posts are great for use in garden furniture, decking, beams and posts, fence posts, or can be remanufactured to produce STK siding.  


Sawarne's Standard & Better grade posts are commonly used for general fence construction where structural characteristics are more important than appearance. This grade permits a range of natural growth characteristics that meet all common service requirements for fencing.