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Superior Quality Cedar - 75th Year of Service

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Sawarne Lumber is dedicated to delivering its customers superior service and premium quality forest products. Our commitment to this philosophy has enabled Sawarne to become a leader in the industry over the past 75 years.

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Products and Services

Our products and services available at our manufacturing plant in Ferndale, Washington, include a variety of Siding, Decking, Timbers, Posts, Dimensional Lumber and Fencing.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and consider choosing Sawarne Lumber for all your forest products needs.

  • Export Clears

    We strictly limit the appearance of natural growth characteristics during the manufacturing process so as not to detract from the wood’s fine appearance. 

    Clear Vertical Grain
    No.2 Clear & Better
    #4 Clear

  • Exterior Siding

    Our specialty siding products are available in a variety of grades from vertical grain, clear to select tight knot, and utility. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

    Board & Batten
    Tongue & Groove
    Special Patterns

  • Interior Paneling

    V-Joint paneling can be used for a large variety of applications including siding, soffits, and interior paneling. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally to complement any architectural style.

     V-Joint A & Better Clear
     V-Joint Knotty

  • Timbers

    Appearance grade timbers represent great value for aesthetic end uses.


  • Posts

    Sawarne's manufacturing standards ensure sound and tight knots, prohibits wane and holes, and limits heart centers.

    Architect Knotty
    Appearance Grade
    Standard & Better
  • Ballusters

    Sawarne's ballusters are produced from the finest quality product, ideal for a clean and tight finish for any project.

    Architect Clear
    Architect Knotty

  • Dimension

    Sawarne produces Select grade dimensional lumber in a wide variety of specifications. Sawarne manufactures Select grade dimensional lumber with sound and tight knots, and limits other natural growth characteristics so they do not detract from the intended end use of the product.


  • Facia

    Cedar's natural characteristics make it the perfect material for facia, as it protects against decay and insects, ensures materials stay straight, lay flat, and provides an excellent base for paints and stains.

    No.2 & Better No Hole

  • Decking

    Sawarne limits both the size and quality of natural growth characteristics of this sound and tight knotted decking to meet the highest buyer expectations.

    Architect Knotty 
    Custom Knotty 

  • Boards

    Sawarne produces Select Knotty grade boards with sound and tight knots.

    Sawarne’s Standard & Better boards are suitable for exterior construction. Trimming lumber of this grade may be required to yield aesthetic qualities that are suitable for your intended end use.

     Select Quality Knotty
     Standard & Better

  • Fencing

    This grade of cedar fencing will allow your fence to stand up to the test of time as it offers superior rot-resistance.

    No.2 & Better No Hole
    No.2 Fence